GDI-DE Testsuite Release 2.1.28


Fehlerbehebung Version 2.1.27

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GDI-DE Testsuite Release 2.1.28

Bugfixing der aktuelle Version 2.1.27 der GDI-DE Testsuite.

  • Deactivated test classes are not shown in the search fiel...
  • Error reporting in case of a parser error has been improved.
  • Synchronized DocumentBuilderFactory to avoid occasional NPE.
  • Made the scheme use in the Testsuite (http, https...) configurable via the ...
  • The ImageParser, used in various CTL functions, experienced problems with l...
  • Add new testclasses names on startpages.
  • If querying an URL yields an error, the resulting (and possibly non-XML) er...
  • Update to version 1.0.1.
  • Added the new v1.1.0 metadata tests to the Testsuite's default content.
  • Added update descriptors to the new v1.1.0 metadata tests.